A simultaneous exhibition by BeirutMakers: Public Space & Affordable Design, through Digital Fabrication



BeirutMakers is an open collective that regroups Architects and Designers brought together by the singularity ot their practice: Digital Fabrication.

The Maker community is growing in number

Ignited by Guillaume Credoz with the support of Beirut Design Week 2015, the collective is constantly growing and gathers confirmed makers like Karim Chaya, Ahmad Khouja, and the younger scene: Kamal Aoun, Charbel Jreijiri, Hadil Ankouny, Stephanie Bashir and Thomas Billas.

Maker Movement
The Maker movement and Culture has emerged worldwide thanks to the democratization of computer guided machines such as CNC and 3Dprinters. A new breed of creative has been empowered by those machines and is using that potential to answer in new ways to design programs.

Information Designers
Bridging the 'over the wall' communication issue between designers and crafts people, the makers have to define all the information necessary for the machine to manufacture the objects, therefore every decision and every issue have to be tackled at design stage.

An exhibition-Market

eklekta is hosting an exhibition and market of products and furniture which are markers of this change in the design history. Tables, Chairs, Lamps, Toys, Shelves, leather items, are being re-invented through the digital fabrication process, and will be for sale on the spot.

A turn in the design history

The Designer-Craftsman duo, one drawing ideas and the other one finding the way to manufacture them, has been the rule for a while. Now, a new generation, designs and builds, making it more like the masters craftsmen before Ford's work tasks division. This transition is unfolding now and the Makers are pioneering it.

A simultaneous Exhibition

Two themes have been tackled by BeirutMakers: Urban Space and Affordable Design.

BeirutMakers II, at eklekta

After their first exhibition at the Souks of Beirut, the Urban space exhibition is held in eklekta's outdoors while the Affordable Design one will be housed in eklekta exhibition space. (See /eklekta folder in Press-release).

Designers provide People with tools to defend public space

Public furniture to use the calm required by nap addicts to make the public space better

Public furniture to use the calm required by nap addicts to make the public space better

The 'Power of Nap Addicts' public/outdoor furniture is an extended set of benches, chairs, tables and lounge chairs, that proposes to fight against the car invasion in public space by opposing the calm requiredby public sleepers.

Soft Power Design, for People, by Makers

All the 'Power of Nap Addicts' pieces are made from recycled material: Recycled aluminum and Concrete Formwork wood. It has been designed to fulfill the design requirements for public furniture: wear and weather resistance, structural test, at an affordable price, to provide municipalities and individuals in developing countries with some hands-on tools to make their public spaces better.

In a political statement, BeirutMakers choose to go Affordable against all trends

Being in control of the full production line, from idea to end of production, gives the makers the ability to harness the cost of their products. The repeatability of the computer driven machines, once the information has been perfectly defined, allow to also take the price constrain as a design factor. The maker movement comes from the democratization of computer driven machines, and it is bringing it to the People.
It is now possible to create items with a great design input that was only available to a happy few. That's why this exhibition is not only a show, but also a market where one can actually buy affordable design pieces.